About us

Image & Press

We are a Colombian communications company, founded in 1988, with more than 30 years of experience. We have extensive experience in the Public Relations market, press management -free press, press conferences, media tours-, events, public affairs, brand positioning, communication management towards communities in the corporate environment, business conferences, campaigns digital and external business communication.

What do we do?

We are journalists. We understand how the media and networks think. We know how to turn your brand into high-impact news through different mass media.
Public relations
Our work team employs trained and qualified personnel for relations with target audiences, business partners, B2B or relations with the media.
We are advisors to national and international companies of mass consumption, hydrocarbons, mining, pharmaceutical, corporate, health, culture, education, technology, insurance and government.
We potentiate
We help improve and strengthen your company's position in the market, increasing the number of consumers and supporting your advertising campaigns.

We impact

We communicate in a new way and tell stories in a different way. We enhance the impact and influence what people think about different topics: health, politics, economy, science, technology, education, insurance and culture.

We negotiate

We are leaders in business roundtables or B2B meetings. Foreign governments work with us to open markets in different countries. We help commercial delegations from different countries to position themselves in the Colombian market and find strategic allies.